Mission, Vision and Values

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As a firm, every business decision we make is driven by our vision, mission and values.

Vision and Mission
  • In our core markets, focus on the industries and clients which are less susceptible to globalization and convergence
  • Focus on the economic, political and legal threats and opportunities presented to the industries and clients we serve, all with a view to helping them achieve their goals
  • Continue to transform ourselves from a horizontally integrated law firm into a multi-line professional services firm by vertically integrating each of our practices with complementary non-traditional services provided by non-lawyer professionals
  • Enhance existing business lines to the benefit of our clients through lawyer and non-lawyer professionals with diverse educational and occupational experiences
  • Develop broad and deep high-end technical practices to move our lawyers up the value curve and provide clients with the experience, expertise and service they expect and deserve from their law firm
Our Values

Excellence: Technical expertise, breadth, depth, service delivery and client service are the ingredients of excellence. At Stevens & Lee, we continually work to exceed client expectations for quality and service and to continually provide value.

Anticipation: We invest real time and real money in studying and learning about our clients and the industries in which they compete. Because of this investment, we know what threats and opportunities our clients face now or could face in the future from a strategic business and financial perspective.

Innovation: Industry expertise and solid relationships with government leadership and within the financial infrastructure combined with creativity and research assist us in helping our clients to identify and implement innovative solutions to real and potential threats, and to produce inventive ways to capitalize on their opportunities.