Energy Regulatory

Stevens & Lee has extensive experience representing energy industry clients before state and federal regulatory agencies. We represent energy and public utilities and other companies in a wide range of regulatory matters, including:

  • Federal and state energy regulation
  • Smart Grid, including privacy and Smart Meter issues
  • Ratemaking proceedings
  • Rate design
  • Rulemaking proceedings
  • Demand Response
  • Investigations by regulatory agencies
  • Service quality and safety standards proceedings
  • Certificate and licensing proceedings
  • Formal complaint proceedings
  • Net metering and interconnection rules
  • Change of control and merger proceedings
  • Environmental compliance and permitting
  • Compliance

In addition, Stevens & Lee assists public utilities in understanding the reliability requirements mandated by agencies, such as the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Whether the requirements are submitting quarterly and annual reliability reports or drafting inspection and maintenance plans, we have guided utilities through the approval process. When utilities have been the subject of a reliability or other regulatory investigation, our seasoned litigators have helped to create solutions designed to meet reliability benchmarks and standards.