Smart Grid

Smart Grid is the modernization of the electricity supply network and is an evolving process with many of the regulatory and proprietary aspects yet to be determined.

Stevens & Lee is at the forefront of the discussion concerning Smart Grid characteristics and publishes the blog Smart Grid Legal News in order to keep clients up-to-date on the opportunities created by the Smart Grid and how it impacts the way they conduct business.

Our experienced team assists companies with both smart meter crises and proactive customer engagement activities. Involved in smart grid policymaking on a national level, Stevens & Lee assists utilities with customer regulatory concerns, such as cost recovery, opt-out complaints and smart meter privacy policies.

As the discussion intensifies and Smart Grid issues become more pervasive in day-to-day business operations, Stevens & Lee’s integrated team of professionals will continue to provide counsel on the Smart Grid and all its related issues, including policy and regulatory guidance, environmental, intellectual property, privacy, contract disputes and energy efficiency. We will assist businesses in taking full advantage of Smart Grid technology, whether they are generators, distributors, consumers, or a combination of all three.