Lateral Attorneys

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One of the 200 largest law firms in the country, we consistently attract talented lawyers because of our excellence in practice, favorable economics, industry focus, multidisciplinary platform and cross-selling culture.

But who are we looking for? We seek lawyers who are technically excellent and have strong client relationships and industry expertise. Generally, we hire with an aim to expand the breadth or add to the depth of our practices. We also hire to expand the geographic delivery of services to our clients.

At Stevens & Lee, we enjoy extremely favorable profits per partner, revenue per lawyer and net income per lawyer generated by a client-focused approach to the practice of law, a sharing environment and an atmosphere of mutual trust. We’ve earned a unique reputation by developing high-end, industry-focused practices with a view to studying and understanding the needs of our clients and the industries in which they compete. This strategic focus gives our lawyers the platform to provide superior service to their clients, hone their professional skills and excel in their areas of expertise regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our professional services platform of non-traditional businesses, including an investment bank, government affairs practice, financial advisory firm, insurance risk management business and other non-legal business have created unique opportunities for our professionals to better serve their clients. They have also created unique revenue production and income opportunities for our lawyers who cross-sell the services of our integrated platform.

We represent Fortune 500 companies and Main Street businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. We also understand that life is not all about work. We support our lawyers in their commitment to achieve a healthy work/life balance, which has helped us attract and retain the very best and the brightest in the profession.

Our offices are located in areas that permit lawyers to live where they want to live and become active members of the communities we serve. We have a clear vision of who we are and what we can be, and use professional planning and management to get us there. Our continued expansion and low turnover tells the story – lateral partners seek us and come to stay.

Why Lateral Lawyers Choose Stevens & Lee

We have been the firm of choice for a large number of high-caliber, motivated lawyers seeking a change from the traditional law firm. Lawyers are attracted to our firm for six principal reasons:

  1. Economics: We are among the lowest overhead, highest margin law firms of our size in the country allowing our partners to realize a greater return on their time and efforts and providing our associates with an excellent opportunity for growth. We have one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry with no funded debt or obligations to retired lawyers and no partner guarantee of leases or debt, of which we have virtually none. We do not maintain capital accounts and have no capital calls.
  2. Compensation system: Our compensation system is transparent – each shareholder knows the process by which their compensation is determined. Further, compensation is tied directly to productivity. Lawyers in our firm receive higher compensation for the same productivity compared to most other firms.
  3. Strong Cross-selling Culture: Sharing, trust and mutual respect characterize our culture. Turnover is extremely low.
  4. Professional Services Platform of Companies: As part of a network of professional services firms, Stevens & Lee lawyers have the opportunity to leverage the experience of non-legal professionals for the benefit of their clients, and to cross-sell services performed by these businesses to generate new revenue and income opportunities.
  5. Management: We provide the professional planning and management our lawyers need to grow as professionals, better serve our clients and increase our client base. Our strength in this area lies in our management structure directed by strong leadership with support from an experienced and excellent administrative management team.
  6. Security: We maintain a fully funded savings plan for the benefit of our lawyers and all of our employees, as well as generous life insurance and long-term disability insurance plans that are paid by the firm with no premium co-pay.
Why We Are Successful Where So Many Others Have Failed

We focus relentlessly on the factors critical to our success – they drive every decision we make.

Service Range Breadth: We continually assess our staffing to ensure we have the full range of high-end services our clients need to provide them with the best possible service and results.

Service Range Depth: We staff each of our practices to handle high volume to assure our clients that an influx of work will not affect service.

Technical Expertise: We recruit and retain lawyers and staff with the technical skills and experience necessary to provide our clients with world-class service.

Service Delivery: We have created an unrivaled geographic delivery system in the Mid-Atlantic region to better serve our clients. Our offices are located strategically throughout the region in cities where federal district courts, federal bankruptcy courts and important state courts are located.

Relationships: We have roots in our communities and have built personal and professional relationships with business and community leaders throughout the region. Our relationships not only help us grow our business, they also assist us in helping our clients help each other.

Industry Expertise: We strive to understand our clients and the industries in which they compete through focused research and study. We actively research companies and industries and seek the advice of consultants, clients and business leaders. Our ongoing commitment to our clients is expressed in terms of our willingness and capacity to understand their businesses and industries. Our clients repeatedly tell us how much they appreciate dealing with professional service providers who understand them. We have also made it a priority to have lawyers who bring us occupational and educational backgrounds that are valuable to our clients. Some of our lawyers and non-lawyer professionals were CEOs, CFOs, bank executives, analysts, accountants, nurses, pharmacists and geologists in their prior lives. This diverse occupational and educational experience helps us to better understand and to better serve our clients.

Understanding, Anticipation and Innovation: We take what we have learned through study and experience and apply it to each client’s unique situation. Being knowledgeable yet objective, we are often able to identify opportunities and suggest innovative ideas or solutions to our clients, very often involving the use of our relationships. Our clients deserve good ideas from knowledgeable and informed counsel to head off problems, gain competitive advantages and create new business opportunities.

Management: Our firm is a business – that’s the way we operate and manage. We continually test our vision and mission against the realities of a changing world.

If you’re interested in joining our firm, take the time to explore Stevens & Lee, then contact us to discover the opportunities we provide for growth.