Intellectual Property

Obtaining, exploiting, protecting and defending your intellectual property rights are critical to the success, if not the survival of your business. At Stevens & Lee, we work diligently to assist you in developing and implementing effective strategies to meet those objectives and provide straightforward and practical advice.

We serve a diverse client base ranging from individual inventors to universities and emerging companies to multinational corporations. Our clients are drawn from a broad spectrum of industries including life sciences, technology and research labs, financial services, health care, higher education and manufacturing, to name a few. Our attorneys represent these clients before the U.S.P.T.O., the U.S. Copyright Office, in federal and state courts and before regulatory and administrative agencies. Stevens & Lee has successfully represented clients in copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent infringement and misappropriation actions and proceedings. They also work with a network of international counsel to achieve your business objectives abroad.

The primary intellectual property services we provide include:

  • Obtaining, licensing and enforcing intellectual property rights for a variety of business transactions
  • Protecting patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and domains
  • Assisting clients in “branding” and other marketing-related activities
  • Working with clients to establish intellectual property protection programs
  • Conducting intellectual property audits and due diligence
  • Managing intellectual property portfolios
  • Advising clients on how to avoid infringing third party rights and related risks
  • Assisting clients in copyright protection and licensing compliance issues, including the creation of internal company policies on the use of e-mail, the Internet and company-provided software and hardware by company employees
  • Developing special programs to commercialize intellectual property
  • Structuring and closing joint research and development partnerships and alliances
  • Negotiating and litigating contracts and disputes involving intellectual property

We provide intellectual property services to clients covering the whole spectrum, including banks, computer retailers and software providers, battery manufacturers, specialty metal producers, food processors, restaurants, clothing manufacturers and rock musicians. We have successfully represented clients in copyright infringement actions, including one against a major baseball card manufacturing company, and have been involved in numerous trademark opposition proceedings. Although we do not prosecute patent applications, we have negotiated a number of patent licenses and are actively involved in patent and patent-related litigation matters.

Stevens & Lee has successfully tried numerous intellectual property disputes to verdict including cases involving patent licensing, trade name infringement, trade dress infringement and the nation’s first outsourced E-911 emergency response system.