Labor and Employment

Stevens & Lee’s Labor and Employment Department is one of the largest and most effective in the Mid-Atlantic region and is restricted exclusively to the representation of management in both the public and private sectors. Our clients include large multi-national, national and regional corporations, financial institutions, closely held businesses, public utilities, local government units, school districts, health care facilities and providers, institutions of higher education and a range of social services providers and other non-profit organizations, among others.

We have assisted our clients in a broad range of matters involving traditional labor relations. Our union avoidance practice has guided clients through many successful union campaigns. We also have successfully negotiated labor contracts on behalf of unionized employers and have assisted them with health care and pension benefit issues, including transitioning from traditional defined benefit plans to other types of retirement programs.

The scope of our employment law counseling and litigation practice includes employment discrimination and individual employee rights, wage and hour, employee relations and other issues, including various statutes and administrative regulations. Our lawyers represent clients in administrative proceedings, including those before the National Labor Relations Board, federal, state and various other agencies and administrative investigations, including wage and hour and affirmative action compliance audits by the U.S. Department of Labor. We also offer a full range of employee and supervisory training and compliance training.

We have a national OSHA practice, which includes counseling clients with regard to their legal obligations and representing them in administrative and court proceedings. We are also experienced in all forms of ERISA actions ranging from complex multi-million dollar class actions alleging fiduciary violations to denial-of-benefit claims, and represent employer trustees of numerous multiemployer welfare and pension benefit funds.

Together with our employee benefits lawyers, we have represented some of the largest companies in the region in connection with establishing employee benefits programs, including ESOPs and stock-based compensation plans, as well as executive compensation, severance and change-in-control agreements. We also represent executives in connection with their employment contracts and departures.

We are also frequently consulted regarding strategic labor and employment issues arising in the context of mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations and relocations, closing of facilities and work force reductions. As part of the comprehensive services we offer, our department includes employee benefits lawyers who provide expertise regarding compensation, health care and other insurance coverages and retirement programs.