Attorney Search Firm Protocols

Stevens & Lee welcomes all attorney search firms and appreciates your recruitment efforts on our behalf. Below are protocols we expect search firms to honor while engaged in any business relationship with us.

Search Firm Protocols

  • We require that a written agreement be in place with the search firm prior to the submission of any candidate materials.
  • Prior to submitting any candidate for review, search firms must first obtain the candidate’s consent.
  • Search firms must contact the Stevens & Lee Recruitment Team directly regarding submission of a candidate. If a search firm contacts either our attorneys or our staff without the prior, explicit authorization from our recruitment team, no fee will be due.
  • We do not accept unsolicited candidate materials, and any such materials will neither be considered nor deemed a valid submission.
  • We do not consider submissions from search firms on behalf of law students, entry-level associates, or judicial law clerk candidates.
  • Stevens & Lee honors all agreements with its search firms. Therefore, if more than one search firm submits the same candidate, the fee will be awarded to the first search firm to have submitted the candidate.
  • In the event a candidate has submitted materials directly to us prior to a search firm’s subsequent submission of the same candidate, we will notify the search firm immediately, and no fee will be paid.
Stevens & Lee, and The Stevens & Lee Companies, are committed to diversity and welcomes the recruitment of diverse candidates.

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

William (Bill) McLaughlin 
Shareholder and Counsel Recruitment  
Windley Hofler Walden
Associate Recruitment