S&L GC Solutions™

Although large corporations have entire legal departments that participate in operational and emerging activities, many middle-market businesses and smaller fast-growth companies handle their day-to-day legal challenges entirely through the use of outside counsel. And some choose not to engage counsel and simply accept the accompanying risks. This external approach for managing legal matters can take precious time away from operational activities and growth initiatives, is rarely cost-effective and may ignore or fail to consider the risks associated with these activities.

S&L GC Solutions™ is a total paradigm shift from the traditional approach.

S&L GC Solutions (Stevens & Lee General Counsel Solutions) provides you with a dedicated, experienced lawyer working at your office or remotely (or some combination thereof) for one or more days each week to address and manage your legal matters. This approach adds a highly experienced lawyer to your senior management team – a lawyer who understands your industry, will develop the necessary relationships with key executives, managers and staff in your organization and acquire in-depth knowledge of your products/services, operations and business strategy.

  • Your lawyer will have substantial in-house and industry-specific experience and be able to provide advice and solutions at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time general counsel or relying on external law firms to manage all of your legal work.
  • Your lawyer will learn the unique aspects of your business, your tolerance for risk and what issues are specifically important to you.
  • Your lawyer will function as a seamless member of your management team, free your executives from focusing on legal matters and outside lawyers, and manage your legal issues proactively.

Tangible value for your legal spend.

S&L GC Solutions offers fixed fee, affordable and flexible legal services allowing you to plan and budget for most predictable legal expenditures. Your lawyer will not only personally handle the day-to-day legal matters, but also oversee your outside law firms. For you, this means having the convenience of a lawyer down the hall or a phone call, text or email away to address any legal matter that may arise.

Your investment in S&L GC Solutions is an economical, fixed fee based on the number of days that your GC adviser is available to you either on site or working remotely. If a matter requires significant time beyond a response within these constraints, you will be advised in advance before incurring any further costs.

How your dedicated GC adviser works.

Your lawyer will personally handle many of the routine matters that you currently send to outside counsel, but at a lower cost. This advice will likely include:

  • General legal counsel and advice
  • Business planning
  • Corporate governance
  • Contract review, drafting and negotiation
  • Litigation and claims management
  • Labor and employment law
  • Regulatory assessment
  • Compliance programs and training
  • Proactive risk assessment and mitigation

Your lawyer can also review and negotiate invoices and rates with your current outside law firms and optimize legal settlements, saving you both time and money and reducing the interruptions to your business operations.