Labor and Employment — Health Care

The health care industry is undergoing one of the most rapidly changing transformations of any industry today, and often with change comes workforce challenges. Stevens & Lee thoroughly understands the dynamics of this industry.

Our labor and employment lawyers have extensive experience representing health care industry clients on the full spectrum of labor and employment law issues. We represent a wide variety of health care providers and organizations, including health systems and hospitals, long term care and senior living facilities, rehabilitation centers and home health care agencies, physician practices and other providers, as well as life sciences companies and businesses that serve the health care industry.

Our employment law counseling and litigation experience includes representing health care clients across the country in administrative proceedings, including those before state and federal fair employment agencies, and in connection with investigations and compliance proceedings brought by the U.S. Department of Labor, including wage and hour claims and OSHA issues. Our attorneys handle employment discrimination cases of all types, including class actions. We also assist health care clients with restrictive covenant and non-compete agreements and employment, severance and retention agreements, as well as employment policies and procedures and employee manuals to ensure compliance with employment laws.

We also have particular expertise in assisting health care clients with traditional labor matters. We have successfully handled labor contract negotiations and grievance arbitrations on behalf of our unionized health care clients, and have defended against unfair labor practice charges and dealt with the entire gamut of National Labor Relations Board-related matters for health care clients and related entities. In organizations experiencing the threat of union activity, our decades of experience in connection with union organizing campaigns, in addition to our union avoidance work, have resulted in successful outcomes for our health care clients.

Further, we collaborate with our employee benefits lawyers to provide advice on the complete range of benefit and executive compensation issues, including deferred compensation agreements. We also offer a wide range of training programs on a variety of labor and employment law topics, including programs focusing on the ADA, FMLA, state and federal employment laws, discrimination and harassment, internal investigations, interviewing best practices and discipline and terminations, as well as union avoidance and union organizing for health care supervisors and managers.