Workplace Privacy and Data Security

No matter the size of a company, workplace privacy and data security are increasingly important and sensitive issues. Local, state, federal and even international privacy and data protection laws and regulations are becoming more and more complex. From background checks to cross-border transfer of information, Stevens & Lee has extensive experience helping companies of all sizes comply with privacy laws and avoid costly civil litigation and government enforcement actions.

We regularly counsel clients regarding various workplace privacy issues, including searches and surveillance of workplace premises, employees’ personal belongings and electronic communication devices. We assist companies in complying with HIPAA and GINA regulations governing the privacy, security and confidentiality of individuals’ health and personal information. Stevens & Lee also works with clients to develop and implement policies regarding electronic communication devices, restrictions on the use of personal communication devices and policies regarding the use of company computers.

Our attorneys are skilled at assisting companies in achieving a balance between an organization’s need to know, use or disclose personal information with an individual’s right to have such information remain private and secure.