Intellectual Property Licensing, Commercial Transactions and M&A

With the goal of enhancing the value of IP assets and ensuring the success of M&A transactions, our multidisciplinary team of experienced corporate and IP attorneys provides deal support, strategic advice and transactional representation across a broad variety of industries, including life sciences, telecommunications, banking and financial services, health care, manufacturing, consumer products, franchise and distribution and energy and utilities. 

For various IP assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how and other confidential business information, clients rely on us to develop and negotiate a range of contracts:

  • Domestic and cross-border licensing or IP transfer agreements
  • Distribution, royalty and revenue sharing arrangements
  • Development agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Joint venture and other strategic collaborative arrangements

Our team has deep experience with M&A and corporate transactions, including guidance on structuring IP assets, due diligence, perfection and advice on critical deal terms like reps and warranties, indemnities, dispute resolution and allocation of pre- and post-closing liabilities. We analyze the IP assets licensed or transferred, search for liens or other encumbrances and detect lapses in maintenance or other issues to ensure perfection of the IP assets being transferred. 

In the event clients become involved in problematic or failed transactions or IP related disputes, our lawyers are experienced in helping to craft resolutions, workouts and restructurings of collaborative agreements that can preserve critical third-party relationships and improve the chances for a successful outcome while avoiding further escalation of disputes and costly litigation.