Complying with OSHA Requirements in the Era of COVID-19

Originally recorded: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Summary: Amid pressure from labor unions, worker safety organizations and the Biden Administration, OSHA is ramping up its COVID-19 prevention, inspection and enforcement efforts. While there are existing guidelines to help keep employees safe during the pandemic, OSHA is expected to issue an emergency COVID-19 standard on or before March 15, 2021 that will be binding on most employers. This webinar will help employers understand what they must do to comply with that standard.

Additionally, the webinar will address:

  • When and how employers must report and record cases of COVID-19 among employees
  • What other OSHA standards (such as PPE requirements) may apply to COVID-19
  • How OSHA is handling inspections during the pandemic
  • What increased OSHA enforcement efforts look like under the Biden Administration
  • How individual states have addressed COVID-19 worker safety

Presenter: Brad M. Kushner, Shareholder