Considering a Merger for Your College or University: Can You Make 2+2=6?

Originally recorded: September 14, 2020

Summary: According to a survey conducted by Inside Higher Education in July 2020, 22% of Chief Business Officers believe their institution should merge — but how do you get started and what are some of the considerations and challenges you may face? This webinar will provide an overview of the common reasons to merge, the typical steps in the process, considerations in any merger and sample legal structures, as well as provide examples of successful mergers and failed attempts in the higher education sector.

Presenters: Brian Mitchell, President and Managing Principal, Academic Innovators; Joseph M. Harenza, Chairman, Griffin Financial Group; Blake C. Marles, Chair, Higher Education Group, Stevens & Lee; Rebecca C. Delia, Senior Vice President, Higher Education, Financial S&Lutions; Richard K. Gaumer, Founding Principal, Academic Innovators