Growing Your Institution Through a Long Term Strategic Partnership or “Private System Affiliation”

Originally recorded:  January 26, 2021

Summary:  Many private, not-for-profit colleges and universities recognize that they lack the resources necessary for organic growth and reinvestment, but fear they will lose or jeopardize their unique mission, brand, culture, campus or other aspects of their institutional identity if they were to be acquired by another institutions.  A private system is one way to create scale and leverage administrative talent and system wide resources, while preserving certain aspects of an institution’s individual identity.

This webinar provides several examples of private systems, in and outside of the higher education sector, including typical features of these systems, common legal and governance structures and some of the potential benefits.

Presenters:  Brian C. Mitchell, President and Managing Principal, Academic Innovators; Richard K. Gaumer, Founding Principal, Academic Innovators; Blake C. Marles, Chair, Higher Education Group, Stevens & Lee; Joanne M. Judge, Shareholder, Stevens & Lee; and Rebecca C. Delia, Senior Vice President, Higher Education, Financial S&Lutions