Joseph M. Harenza

In Memoriam

The Stevens & Lee Companies mourn the passing of our former platform Chairman and dear friend, Joe Harenza.

As immediate past Chairman and a former CEO, Joe was instrumental to the development of The Stevens & Lee Companies. During his more than 20 years of leadership, he spearheaded many of our law firm’s initiatives and was involved in the formation and growth of our platform’s non-legal businesses, including the investment bank, Griffin Financial Group. His deep-rooted commitment to this organization was incomparable and his passion for his work, unrivaled. He was a visionary leader, a mentor to many and a friend.

As both an investment banker and a lawyer, Joe represented companies in many industries in a wide range of corporate and complex financing transactions. He is a former adjunct professor of Securities Regulation at The Dickinson School of Law and a former trustee of The Pennsylvania State University.

Joe has left an enduring mark on the firm and his colleagues, and is greatly missed by his Stevens & Lee and Griffin families.