The New York Times Spotlights Firm’s Legal Groundwork for Princeton A.D.U.s

Accessory Dwelling Units, or A.D.U.s, are attached apartments to an existing home or smaller detached dwellings on the home’s property that have grown popular on the West Coast, and Princeton is the “guinea pig” experiment for their success and emergence in the Northeast. Christopher S. Tarr has played pivotal roles in representing the movers and shakers behind this unprecedented development in Princeton’s housing market.

In addition to featuring Chris’ clients Daniel Barsky, the area’s first builder of A.D.U.s, and Marina Rubina, the architect and political activist advancing the legal needles for A.D.U. development, The New York Times delves into details of the lawsuit handled by Chris that helped to shape Princeton ordinance, zoning regulations and owner-occupancy requirements.

Despite unknowns about housing market price fluctuations, legislation proposals in other New Jersey towns and New York, as well as potential policy updates from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, signal that A.D.U.s are here to stay.  

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