Remaining as an Independent Higher Education Institution in a Post-Pandemic World

Summary: Does independence continue to make sense for your college or university? Can your institution survive and thrive through and after the COVID-19 crisis as an independent institution? What are the kinds of issues that you need to think about, how do you plan for continued independence, and how do you measure the outcomes of your decision?

This webinar highlights the importance of critical self-assessment, as well as a number of areas on which institutions should focus, including but not limited to, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, margin improvement, liquidity, credit, risk mitigation and governance, among other issues.

Presenters:  Brian C. Mitchell, President and Managing Principal, Academic Innovators; Blake C. Marles, Chair, Higher Education Group, Stevens & Lee; Rebecca C. Delia, Senior Vice President, Higher Education, Financial S&Lutions; Richard K. Gaumer, Founding Principal, Academic Innovators; and Jennifer L. Nevins, Shareholder, Stevens & Lee