Strategic Planning in the Age of Coronavirus and Beyond: Tactics to Survive the Pandemic Now and Evaluating Your Strategic Alternatives for the Future

Originally recorded: July 28, 2020

Summary: The outlook for the higher education sector was bleak before the pandemic, but the pandemic will likely foment a crisis in the industry. Today, most institutions are working to avoid or mitigate a liquidity crisis, but is your institution thinking strategically about its realistic alternatives once the immediate crisis has passed?

An independent strategic alternative study can help you to evaluate the impact of the evolving external landscape on your institution, affirm and validate your financial viability, and provide a feasible assessment of the long term alternatives for your institution. A strategic alternative study is also one way that officers and board members can meet their fiduciary responsibilities to their organization and constituents.

Presenters: Brian Mitchell, President and Managing Principal, Academic Innovators; Joseph M. Harenza, Chairman, Griffin Financial Group; Blake C. Marles, Chair, Higher Education Group, Stevens & Lee; Rebecca C. Delia, Senior Vice President, Higher Education, Financial S&Lutions; Richard K. Gaumer, Founding Principal, Academic Innovators