Valuation and Estate Planning Strategies in a Time of Disruption

Originally presented: July 15, 2020

Summary: Within the course of a few short months, 2020 has proven to be a most disruptive year — upending nearly every aspect of our lives and businesses.

Amid navigating the daily challenges of the “new normal,” now is a critical time for business owners to gain a better understanding of how the pandemic has impacted the value of their businesses and its effect on succession and transition plans. With many asset values depressed, federal gift and estate tax exemptions at all-time highs and interest rates at all-time lows, many business owners are seizing the opportunity to reevaluate their estate plans and overall wealth transfer strategy in this new environment.

This webinar provided:

  • An overview of the current business and economic environment
  • Insights on the state of valuations, in addition to macro-economic and business-specific factors currently in play
  • Wealth transfer strategies including gifting, trusts, asset sales and more with an eye toward maximizing the benefits of today’s low tax rates, interest rates and asset values

Presenters: Matthew T. O’Leary, CEO, Griffin Financial Group; Jay R. Wagner, Co-Chair, Estates and Trusts Department, Stevens & Lee; Paula Barrett, Consulting Partner, RKL LLP; and William Onorato, Senior Wealth Strategist, RKL Wealth Management LLC