Strike Authorization – First Step or Last Resort?

  • June 27, 2024
  • 3:00 pm - EDT

2024 Triad: Challenges and Choices at Work in a Time of Heightened Worker Activism

Daniel J. Sobol of Stevens & Lee’s Labor and Employment Department, joins the panel “Strike Authorization – First Step or Last Resort?” during the 2024 Triad of conferences, which includes the FMCS 2024 National Labor-Management Conference, the LERA 76th Annual Meeting and the ILERA 20th Triennial World Congress, in New York City on June 26-30, 2024. 

Amidst numerous recent strikes and worker actions, unions have been wielding the potential of a strike as an early bargaining chip, challenging the conventional wisdom. Along with labor leader panelists, Daniel explores:

  • root causes of recent strikes and worker actions; 
  • how strike’s impact collective bargaining and labor/management relations in various industries/sectors;
  • improvements in working conditions or policies being sought;
  • how striking may affect other stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and the broader community; and
  • the roles of public support/media coverage influencing public opinion on labor issues. 

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