Intellectual Property Litigation

Representative Cases

  • Guthrie Healthcare System v. Context Media, Inc. – Obtained favorable ruling from district court and, on appeal, obtained affirmance of finding that defendant infringed our client’s trademark, reversal of the limited scope of district court’s injunction, and order expanding the scope of the injunction accordingly.
  • Ameron v. Total Containment – Represented defendants in an antitrust and intellectual property matter involving claims of illegal patent licensing and antitrust violations. Jury verdict returned in favor of clients on all counts.
  • Supratek, Inc. v. Cephalon, Inc. – Represented Cephalon, Inc. in an intellectual property matter in which plaintiff asserted claims for misappropriation of trade secrets, misappropriation of patent rights and breach of licensing agreements.
  • County Council of Northampton v. SHL Systemhouse Corp. – Successfully represented defendant in an intellectual property matter involving the nation’s first outsourced and privatized E-911 emergency response system.
  • ICON Solutions v. IKON Office Solutions – Represented ICON Solutions in an intellectual property matter asserting claims for trade name infringement arising out of the defendant’s name change to IKON Office Solutions. Matter established precedential case law.
  • Material Technologies, Inc. and Net Shape, LLC v. Carpenter Technology Corporation and Vallourec, SA – Defended Carpenter Technology Corp. in an intellectual property matter in which plaintiffs asserted claims for trade secret misappropriation, Lanham Act violations, business interference, and unfair competition, and their expert opined that they suffered as much as $2 billion in damages.
  • Mike’s Train House, Inc. v. Lionel L.L.C., et al. – Obtained verdict, after 10-day jury trial, in favor of our client, a manufacturer of toy trains, in excess of $40 million, for intellectual property claim against Lionel alleging misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • SafetyCare Technologies LLC v. Intellicare Network, LLC – Obtained a $1 million jury verdict for a technology firm against former employees and a competitor who violated their fiduciary duties and misappropriated the firm’s customer and pricing information and other trade secrets to unjustly enrich the competitor.
  • MedAvante, Inc. v. ProxyMed, Inc. – Represented MedAvante in a trademark infringement case arising from the defendant’s use of the plaintiff’s name. Obtained a preliminary injunction enjoining the defendant from continuing to use plaintiff’s name.
  • West Chester Capital Advisors, Inc. v. Marra, et al. – Obtained an emergency injunction and contempt orders for an investment advisory firm against its former CEO who violated post-employment non-compete and non-solicitation obligations and misappropriated the firm’s customer information and other trade secrets.
  • Depuy Synthes vGlobus Medical, et al. – Represented defendants against claims of employees’ misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of restrictive covenants, and breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Steinberg, Moorad & Dunn v. Athlete’s First, BOYS – Obtained summary judgment and affirmance by U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Represented BOYS, a group of investors in the Athlete’s First Sports Agency, formed by a group of plaintiff’s ex-employees. Plaintiff claimed that defendants misappropriated confidential business information and breached restrictive covenants and sought to recover in excess of $40 million in damages.