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Supreme Court Limits NLRB Injunctive Powers

Following a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the National Labor Relations Board’s burden to secure injunctions against employers has been significantly raised.
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Employers Take Note: EEOC Releases New Guidance Addressing Workplace Misconduct

On April 29, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission finalized its harassment guidelines that supersede previous editions and address gender identity, social media and telework.

FTC Bans Employee Noncompete Agreements

If permitted to go into effect, the rule will have a profound impact on how U.S. businesses hire, train and pay workers and protect sensitive business information.
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Final Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Maintains Broad Definitions for Conditions Requiring Accommodation

Effective June 19, 2024, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s final rules to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act requires accommodation to conditions including those brought about by “having, or choosing not to have, an abortion.”
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NLRB Reports That Significant Increase in Union Election Petition Activity Will Likely Continue

As more and more workforces are seeking to unionize, it is critical that employers understand their rights and obligations under the National Labor Relations Act.
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration Issues Final “Walkaround Rule”

OSHA announced a final rule establishing the rights of employees to choose a representative to accompany OSHA officials on worksite inspections.
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Federal Court Upholds Employment Application’s Statute of Limitation Provision for Filing Lawsuits

To stave off potential lawsuit claims, employers have the option of including a statute of limitation provision for employment applications.
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DOL Issues Final Rule on Determinations for Independent Contractor and Employee Status

The rule relies on a multifactor “economic reality test” and totality of the circumstances analysis to determine an individual’s status.
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NLRB Issues Insight into Cemex Decision

The NLRB memo provides important insight into union recognition and the new requirements that employers will have to abide by regarding bargaining obligations.

NLRB Issues Final Rule: Standard Used to Determine Joint-Employer Status

The new NLRB rule contemplates joint employer status regardless of whether control is actually exercised, and without regard to whether the exercise of control is direct or indirect. 
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Implications of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and PUMP Act Compliance

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act went into effect on June 27, 2023, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently issued its proposed PWFA regulations.
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EEOC Releases Harassment Guidance

Guidance provides legal analysis of the Commission’s standards for harassment and employer liability.
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