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Is the NLRB Looking to Expand Weingarten Rights?

A recent NLRB ruling suggests the possibly of the Biden Board following through with an extension of Weingarten rights.
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Truck Drivers and Prevailing Wage Requirements: A Friendly Reminder

Truck drivers present a common conundrum in prevailing wages for contractors and subcontractors. We delve into compliance details.
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Democrats Reintroduce Right to Unionize Act

The Nationwide Right to Unionize Act would eliminate bans on agreements between employers and unions to require union membership as a condition of employment.
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NLRB Issues New Proposed Rule on Joint Employment

The proposed rule does away with the direct and immediate control standard that was adopted by the Board under the Trump Administration. 
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Tesla Decision Overrules Employer Bans on Pro-Union Apparel

Employers interfering with an employee’s right to display union insignia without showing justifying special circumstances would violate federal labor law
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PA Tipped Worker and Overtime Rules Take Effect August 5, 2022

On August 5, 2022, updated rules affecting tipped workers and salaried workers who work a fluctuating work schedule will go into effect.

NLRB Releases Spring 2022 Rulemaking Agenda

The NLRB may address two important topics under the National Labor Relations Act through the administrative rulemaking process.

Navigating Increased NLRB Scrutiny Over Union Organizing Activity    

A useful reminder to employers about NLRB processes, enforcement actions and what employers can and cannot do when faced with a union organizing drive.
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Delaware Requiring Paid Family and Medical Leave by 2026

While the law will take effect on July 1, 2022, employers will not be required to provide the paid leave until January 1, 2026.
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Connecticut Legislature Passes Bill Prohibiting “Captive Audience”

Connecticut’s bill comes as the NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo has released a memo urging the Board to hold that such captive audience meetings are unlawful.
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Cyberattack on Third Party Timekeeper Leads to FLSA Lawsuits

Employers were faulted for not having adequate timekeeping back-up plans in place and could be liable for the alleged wage and hour violations.
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NLRB May Outlaw Captive Audience and Other Mandatory Meetings

Employees required to listen to employer presentations concerning the exercise of collective bargaining rights may be deemed as violating the National Labor Relations Act.
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