Judge Thomas I. Vanaskie Spotlighted as Leader in Two Prisoner Reentry Programs

In an interview with Law360, the Hon. Thomas I. Vanaskie (Ret.) is featured for his leadership in driving the success of two reentry programs for formerly incarcerated people: the Court Assisted Re-Entry program (CARE) and Pennsylvania’s State Transition Reentry Incentive Validating Endeavors program (STRIVE), which was launched earlier this year.

Still guiding reentry program participants, Judge Vanaskie discusses working through STRIVE to help reentrants set goals, navigate obstacles and connect with private entities that provide educational opportunities, behavioral health assessment and treatment and financial support. During and after his time as a judge with the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Judge Vanaskie also assisted with running the CARE program, which helps reentrants reduce their period of supervised release through monthly meetings that focus on ways to maximize housing, job, educational, behavioral and other assistance and resource opportunities.

“I’ve always believed in redemption, and this was a way to do something about it, instead of talking about it,” Judge Vanaskie said. “Actually do something about it.”

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