Now Is the Time to Appeal Your Pennsylvania Real Estate Property Tax Assessment

Property tax is a significant burden for most Pennsylvania businesses. Now is the time to consider appealing your property tax assessment. Our team is here to help you take advantage of the opportunity to reduce your business’s property taxes.

2023 Is the Best Year to Appeal Your Assessment

  • Weakening fundamentals and the higher cost of capital generally result in lower real estate values.

Be Proactive

  • Pennsylvania does not require a periodic reassessment, so property values are out of sync.
  • Taxpayers have the annual right to challenge assessed values.
  • Deadlines vary, ranging from August 1 to September 1, except for Allegheny County (March 31) and Philadelphia (October 2).
  • Note: taxpayers in Allegheny County have a special one-time opportunity to appeal their assessed values effective retroactively to January 1, 2022, as well as their normal appeal effective January 1, 2023.

Start Early 

  • Stevens & Lee’s State and Local Tax attorneys can help identify overassessments on commercial, industrial and other properties.
  • We have relationships with quality appraisers who are ready to conduct preliminary appraisals and can do so more quickly now than during the last-minute rush before the appeal deadlines.

If you have questions about how to proactively minimize Pennsylvania property taxes, please contact a member of our State and Local Tax team.