The Joint Commission and the COVID-19 Crisis

Like many other agencies and organizations, The Joint Commission (TJC) has issued myriad letters, articles and videos to assist its accredited health care facilities as well as the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. TJC created a resource page on its website which brings together all of its internal guidance as well as links to government and other materials. It is noted that TJC will continue to update the website.

Among its guidance, TJC has provided information about personal protective equipment, how to properly remove gowns and gloves (including a video) and CDC recommendations with respect to using protective eye equipment. The website also offers the FDA’s guidance with respect to conserving gloves, gowns and masks and includes the FDA’s advice for supply mitigation of respirators and the use of anesthesia machines (i.e., as makeshift respirators).

TJC offers questions and answers-type guidance for medical staff privileging for both telehealth and granting emergency privileges. The website also cites to a Modern Healthcare magazine article which offers suggested steps on how to free up hospital space to add capacity.

Finally, TJC’s website links to the CDC, the FDA and many other resources for information and guidance to allow health care organizations to obtain answers as they struggle through this pandemic.

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