New Form I-9 Must Be Used by Employers Beginning on January 22, 2017

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I‑9. Beginning January 22, 2017, employers are required to use the new Form I‑9, which is dated November 14, 2016. Under federal immigration law, employers must maintain a properly completed Form I‑9 for all employees hired in the United States after 1986. The Form I-9 must be completed and maintained for all newly hired employees and those who require reverification of their United States employment eligibility. The new Form I-9 is designed to enhance usability and accuracy.

The new features include:

  • Changes to Section 1, which asks for “other last names used” rather than “other names used,” and streamlined certification for certain foreign nationals;
  • The addition of prompts to ensure that information is entered correctly when completed electronically;
  • The ability to enter multiple preparers and translators;
  • A dedicated area for including additional information rather than adding it to the margins of the form;
  • A supplemental page for the preparer/translator;
  • The addition of instructions separated from the form, consistent with other related forms, which includes specific instructions for completing each field; and,
  • Enhancements for user-friendly electronic completion. Although the revised Form I-9 may be completed by hard-copy or electronically, the revised Form I‑9 is more user-friendly and easier to complete on a computer. Specifically, the new Form I-9 provides certain enhancements such as dropdown lists and calendars for completing dates; onscreen instructions for each field; easy access to the full instructions; and an option to clear the form and start over. When the employer prints the form, a quick response code is automatically generated, which can be read by most quick response readers.

This link will guide you to the new Form I-9.

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