Franchise and Distribution

Stevens & Lee provides franchising companies and distributors with a comprehensive array of legal services. Our team assists clients in developing and protecting their enterprise by providing actionable business know-how grounded in sound legal theory. Our clients include franchise companies and distributors that range from emerging and middle-market companies to national and international organizations. Whether our client is an existing franchisor or distributor, or is thinking about launching a franchise system or distribution network, our multidisciplinary approach, creative problem-solving and long-range perspective make us an ideal partner and uniquely qualified advisor.

We offer a multi-dimensional understanding of the franchise industry by providing:

  • Guidance to ensure maximum value and reduced transaction cycles and costs
  • Business-centric legal counsel to develop and protect the enterprise
  • Important insights into current industry trends and conditions
  • A widely cultivated network of strong industry connections
  • A sounding board for ideas grounded in expertise, proven skill and an entrepreneurial spirit

Our Franchise and Distribution Practice is comprised of seasoned attorneys who are leaders in their fields and dedicated to delivering large firm expertise at rates that are often more competitive. Our team includes skilled professionals whose practices complement the corporate transactional nature of the business. Notably, we concentrate on serving franchise businesses and distributors in myriad niche areas that other law firms do not have. Moreover, several members of our firm have worked in the business environment outside of law and are able to leverage their business acumen for the benefit of clients.

We represent franchisors and distributors regarding federal and state regulatory issues and in the implementation of growth and exit strategies. We assist such clients with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate reorganizations, entity formation, corporate governance, financing and securities matters, as well as contract preparation, negotiation and review. Our steadfast goal is to provide results-oriented counsel and to identify challenges and solutions that accomplish client objectives in an efficient, economical manner.

We guide companies that are considering franchising to determine if franchising is appropriate as a growth strategy. As needed, we position existing business platforms to achieve effective and profitable franchising. We also partner with existing franchisors and distributors who require a more sophisticated, responsive and proactive approach to the needs of their business.

Furthermore, we protect our clients’ proprietary information by securing patents, trademarks and copyrights and, if necessary, initiate litigation to protect such intellectual property. Our lawyers are dedicated to monetizing each client’s intangible assets through licensing, joint ventures or transfers that capitalize on and leverage ROI. We devise business solutions that maximize present intellectual property, as well as establish a plan for future growth.

In the event a dispute should arise, our litigators develop appropriate and aggressive advocacy strategies that safeguard client rights. If it’s in our client’s best interest to pursue mediation or arbitration, we employ those methods as needed. In the event litigation is necessary, we staff our cases leanly with an optimal team of advocates who deliver the requisite capabilities and skill to realize the desired result.