Renewable/Alternative Energy Development

With a deep-rooted understanding of the complex interplay between clean energy innovation and legal and regulatory requirements, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of alternative and renewable energy developers, including solar, wind, fuel cells, combined heat and power, geothermal and biomass projects. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals provides independent, effective analysis and guidance in all aspects of alternative energy project development, structuring, financing and procurement. In addition, our professional services platform allows us to assist with issuance of tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds and with obtaining other financing for renewable energy projects.

We counsel clients on:

Project Finance – Securing financing for renewable energy projects demands strategic finesse and a sophisticated understanding of the unique aspects of renewable project finance. Our professionals have extensive experience in structuring project finance arrangements that attract investment, mitigate risk and drive the successful implementation of your clean energy ventures.

Strategic Tax Planning – Unlocking the full potential of tax strategies is essential in maximizing the returns of renewable energy initiatives. Our team assists clients in developing innovative solutions that leverage available incentives and credits to optimize the financial viability of alternative and renewable energy projects.

Project Development – From inception to realization, our team provides comprehensive legal support, ensuring alternative and renewable energy projects are meticulously planned, executed and aligned with our clients’ strategic objectives.

Power Purchase Agreements – Crafting power purchase agreements (PPAs) that safeguard our clients’ interests is among our strengths. Our attorneys navigate the intricacies of PPA negotiations to ensure favorable terms, secure revenue streams and foster lasting partnerships with off-takers.

Siting and Permits – Navigating the regulatory landscape to secure appropriate siting and permits is pivotal for project success. Our team adeptly handles the permitting process, ensuring compliance with environmental and land use regulations while keeping careful track of project timelines.