Electric Generation, Supply and Distribution

Our attorneys provide a wide range of legal services to electric utilities, retail suppliers and electric generation asset owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Rate Cases – Navigating rate cases requires a keen understanding of both regulatory intricacies and financial implications. Our attorneys and professionals have represented regulated utilities, large energy consumers and intervening parties in complex ratemaking proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. In additional to traditional rate cases, we also advise and represent clients in:

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Cases
  • Infrastructure Improvement Plans
  • Default Service Proceedings
  • Compliance Audits and Investigations

Grid Modernization – The modernization of the power grid requires an understanding of both technology and policy. Our team has:

  • Helped state and federal governments develop rules and standards to promote broadband over powerline technology in the U.S. and around the world
  • Obtained federal and state funding for broadband deployment and grid modernization by utilities
  • Pursued additional radiofrequency spectrum for utility wireless communications systems
  • Advised utilities on matters involving federal and state pole attachment regulatory requirements

Consumer Protections Complaints and Investigations – Our team has handled thousands of formal customer complaints against utilities and suppliers and has helped our clients efficiently and effectively investigate and resolve complaints through negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation. We assist clients in analyzing root causes of complaints and develop plans and strategies to maximize regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

Rulemakings and Policy Proceedings – To succeed in the energy transition, it is not enough to simply know the current state of the law. It is critical for companies to actively participate in the legislative process, rulemaking processes and policy proceedings to help shape the future of the industry. Our team of experienced energy industry attorneys and former utility commissioners offers strategic guidance to engage in these processes and advocate for policies that align with your organization’s goals.

Appellate Advocacy – When regulatory decisions challenge your objectives, our team of leading appellate litigators is prepared to advocate for your interests through the appeals process. Our appellate lawyers are highly skilled in crafting compelling arguments and navigating the legal intricacies to achieve favorable outcomes.

Market Expansion – Competitive suppliers and generators must capitalize on opportunities to expand as they arise. Our multistate team has guided numerous companies through the market expansion process, including licensing and regulatory compliance for new market entry, corporate formation, the negotiation of financing and preferred supplier agreements, vendor agreements and state commission relations, among other areas.

Federal and State Investigations – In the face of investigations by regulators, having experienced representation is critical. Our attorneys adeptly handle federal and state investigations, safeguarding your organization’s reputation and interests, and regularly advise clients on best practices to avoid such controversies.

Renewable and Alternative Portfolio Standards – New technologies and policy goals are leading to revamps of renewable portfolio standards in many states. Understanding the new requirements is critical for the economic viability of many projects and necessitates strategic analysis and planning. Our team helps clients successfully navigate changes to renewable portfolio standards in order to integrate renewable resources into their portfolios in a compliant and economically viable way.

Universal Service – Promoting universal service is essential for equitable energy access. Our lawyers help design and implement programs for utilities that ensure all consumers have reliable access to essential energy and utility services, while ensuring fair and adequate rate recovery for the costs associated with these programs.