FTC Announces Special Open Commission Meeting and Vote on Rule Banning Noncompete Clauses

The Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday that it will be holding a special Open Commission Meeting virtually next Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 2 p.m. ET for purposes of voting on whether to issue a proposed final rule that would generally prevent most employers from enforcing noncompete clauses against workers.

The public will be invited to watch the meeting via webcast which will be available on Tuesday shortly before the meeting starts at FTC.gov. The event will also be recorded, and the webcast made available on the FTC’s website after the meeting.

The proposed final rule the Commission will consider stems from the notice of proposed rulemaking which it issued in January 2023 and which was subject to a public comment period during which more than 26,000 comments were received.

At the start of next Tuesday’s meeting, the Commission will vote on whether to authorize public disclosure of the proposed final rule, and Chair Lisa Khan will offer brief remarks.

Next, if the Commission votes to authorize public disclosure, the Office of Policy Planning will give a staff presentation on the final rule.

Finally, the Commission will vote on whether to issue the rule.

We will be watching the webcast and will be reporting on it and on the final rule if issued.