Financial Management Planning

Establishing a sound financial management plan allows state and local governments to balance the delivery of core services with long-term development objectives, which is essential to continuing sustainability. However, increasing costs and growing demands along with more complex challenges, such as balancing politics, compromise and vision against limited financial resources make the budgeting process increasingly more difficult.

Stevens & Lee helps governmental entities more effectively develop, manage and move their budgets through to completion by improving:

  • Internal personnel management and operations
  • Project management
  • Provision of core services
  • Budgeting for departments within the governmental entity
  • Policy development and implementation

We also advise governmental units regarding accountability issues and improving communications with the public they serve. In addition, our team has helped state and local governments effectively transition leadership.

Our professionals also help state and local governments identify opportunities for community and economic development and for intergovernmental cooperation and cost sharing; increase other non-tax revenues; determine financial resource allocation based on policy directives; identify emerging trends that improve long-term fiscal health; and balance revenues and expenditures with the goal of continuing sustainability.