State and Local Government Real Estate

Stevens & Lee has represented state and local government clients in virtually every aspect of real estate law. Our experience includes real estate acquisition and leasing, easement and development rights negotiations, land preservation covenants, land development, zoning, environmental testing and remediation, eminent domain and reversal of eminent domain actions and tax anticipation financing.

We have helped create multi-municipal entities and have arranged funding for a host of municipal projects with real estate components. We have developed construction contracts and created municipal authorities as structures for municipal real estate projects. We have also handled the complex utility work necessary to make building projects function.

With respect to Brownfields development, Stevens & Lee has assisted municipal entities to obtain financial incentives, conduct due diligence, procure environmental insurance coverage and formulate and implement cleanup plans to achieve the liability protection necessary to acquire blighted property for redevelopment purposes.

In addition, we regularly represent landowners and others in the private sector in all of their dealings with state and local government entities.