Water and Sewer

Stevens & Lee serves as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, borrower’s counsel and special counsel in connection with the financing and restructuring of water and sewer projects for both large and small issuers.

In addition to traditional debt issuance projects, we have significant experience in the state and federal low-interest loan programs specifically created for water and sewer systems, including those sponsored by Pennvest and the USDA’s Rural Utility Service. We have assisted our clients in efficiently accessing and implementing the many different financing options currently available to finance the development of new systems, expand existing systems and manage and resolve issues generated from degrading systems.

Together with our state and local government industry professionals and our platform affiliate, Financial S&Lutions, Stevens & Lee has developed creative solutions to the ongoing improvement and expansion issues faced by many water and sewer authorities today. For example, we recently assisted a central Pennsylvania sewer authority in the successful separation of its wastewater and storm water systems through a creative financing plan that included securing a state grant, receipt of a Pennvest loan and the development of a creative tax-exempt financing plan, all of which resulted in a successfully completed project with no rate increase to customers. Our focus in any tax-exempt bond is to maximize the tax and financial structure of a transaction while obtaining the best possible results for the transaction as a whole.