Energy, Communications and Public Utility

Stevens & Lee’s Energy, Communications and Public Utility Group focuses on the electricity, water, natural gas, oil and telecommunications industries and provides counsel on a wide range of regulatory, litigation and transactional matters, including:

  • Ratemaking proceedings
  • Rulemaking and policy proceedings
  • Investigations by regulatory agencies
  • Service quality and safety standards proceedings
  • Demand Response and market-based rates
  • Certificate and licensing proceedings
  • Applications for and expansion of regulatory certification
  • Environmental compliance and permitting
  • Appellate court proceedings
  • Formal complaint proceedings
  • Change of control and merger proceedings
  • Interconnection Issues


The energy industry has changed dramatically and faces new challenges, including issues surrounding smart grid, default service, demand response, Marcellus Shale, alternative energy and power generation, and related environmental concerns. We represent energy companies in regulated and unregulated matters and also counsel state and local government bodies, corporate and industrial consumers, public/private ventures, new technology ventures, project developers and investors on energy and utility matters.

In addition to the litigation and regulatory matters noted above, we counsel clients on a full range of matters such as:

  • Solar, wind and water renewable energy projects
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Bankruptcy
  • Energy conservation
  • Curtailment service provider agreements
  • Tax assessment and recovery proceedings
  • Zoning and land use regulation
  • Environmental due diligence, including liability transfer agreements
  • Negotiation of natural gas supply agreements
  • Radiation and toxic tort litigation
  • New technology development
  • Public utility realty tax (PURTA)
  • Proxy Statements and other corporate matters
  • Commercial agreements

Led by a former senior regulatory counsel of one of the largest electric utility holding companies in the nation, our team remains abreast of changes within this rapidly evolving industry.


Stevens & Lee understands the complex regulatory and economic issues facing competitive communications carriers and can help to level the playing field when conflicts arise with the incumbents. Our in-depth understanding of our clients’ business models permits us to help them maximize their potential and achieve their goals. We assist competitive carriers with the following:

  • Expansion of operating authority and certification for new business lines
  • Access charge, reciprocal compensation and USF proceedings
  • Interconnection arbitrations
  • Intercarrier compensation disputes
  • Pole attachment issues
  • Customer complaint proceedings before public utility commissions
  • Tariff issues
  • Annual reporting and other compliance requirements
  • Commission staff inquiries