E-Discovery and Data Management Services

In today’s business world, most documents and information are stored electronically, and email and other electronically stored information are always sought by opposing parties in litigation. We recognize the challenges and costs associated with the preservation, collection, review and production of electronically stored information in litigation and the necessity to manage those costs prudently. Our e-discovery team, led by Julie E. Ravis, is experienced in the latest tools, technology, and best practices, and provides a comprehensive range of e-discovery services, including litigation holds, document preservation, collection, processing, review, and production.

We also provide litigation readiness counseling and consulting, document management and retention counseling, and preparation of action plans for the collection and production of electronically stored information.

For years, we have assisted a wide range of clients, from those with sophisticated in-house e-discovery capabilities to smaller clients who have never before participated in e-discovery in commercial litigation. We partner with a variety of third-party e-discovery vendors, ranging from nationally renowned providers to local companies, based on the needs of the client and the size of the matter. Our lawyers have substantial experience using a variety of e-discovery document review tools, including proprietary vendor review software, internal processing and review software and hosted sites.