Trade Secrets and Covenants Not To Compete

The growing importance and value of intellectual property and trade secrets have dramatically increased the need to protect clients’ IP, data, plans and processes from misappropriation by current and former employees. Stevens & Lee understands and appreciates just how critical it is in the current marketplace to guard against misappropriation. Our team has broad and deep experience in this area and routinely helps our clients identify the information that needs to be protected and protect it.

Often, with or without a valid non-compete or non-solicitation agreement, employees will go to a competitor, and litigation will quickly ensue. These cases typically proceed immediately to an injunction hearing with intensive discovery and written submissions to the court in a very compressed period. We have the resources and expertise to respond expeditiously and effectively and have successfully handled these cases for parties on both sides of the issue.

In addition to litigating these issues, we also counsel companies regarding the protections afforded them by statute and case law, and help prepare agreements for key personnel that restrict their ability to compete against our client for as long as possible, within the largest possible geographic area, after termination of employment. We also craft agreements that bar a former employee from using any of our client’s trade secrets or confidential information at any time. These generally include prohibitions against soliciting the client’s employees or customers on behalf of another company.