Corporate Plaintiff’s Litigation

Businesses are frequently victimized by the illegal acts of competitors, strategic partners, or its former professionals that seek to derail their progress or seize the company’s business opportunities for themselves. Sometimes, a business simply chooses the wrong business partner, and that partner’s incompetence, dishonesty, or lack of execution can lead to disastrous consequences. Other times, a business gets targeted based on an anti-competitive scheme or desire to misappropriate intellectual property. At Stevens & Lee, when things go wrong for our clients, we have a team of trial lawyers who know how to counsel you through these difficult situations and, when necessary, to vindicate your rights and recover your losses.

Stevens & Lee is proud of its representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in complex matters. Representation of clients on both sides of the docket gives our trial lawyers unique insights into what motivates opponents in court and during settlement negotiations, and our corporate plaintiff’s practice is a perfect complement to our defense of businesses and corporations. Because we regularly practice on both sides of the docket, we understand the unique needs, objectives, and goals of both defendants and plaintiffs. And we strongly believe that our proven record of success is directly attributable to our ability to understand and anticipate how the opposition will think and act, and our use of this knowledge to create effective, customized, and value-based case strategies.

For all of these reasons, clients turn to us when they need to sue former professionals, competitors, former business partners, or departing key employees. We have the resources and experience needed to file, prosecute, resolve, try and win large, complex cases for plaintiffs.